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South African based enterprise exclusively manufacture and supply:


Speciality Chemicals

Water Treatment Chemicals

Treatment Equipment

Dust Suppression Chemicals & Application

Pest Control Services

Consulting Services

To be among the leading water treatment solution for chemical and technical industries in South Africa.

To render and maintain a professional and ethical relationship with our clients and providing effective quality management services.

water management

Water Treatment Chemicals

  • Boiler Water treatment
  • Cooling Towers & Closed Loop Water treatment.
  • Waste Water Treatment (Flocculants, Coagulants).
  •  Cleaning Chemicals
  • Bio- Degrader for Pit Toilets.
dust suppression

Dust Suppression Products

  • MCS 501 – enhanced non-petroleum based binder with water tolerant properties.
  • MCS 502 – petroleum based emulsion specially formulated to bind and seal the treated soils on semi to permanent roads.
  • MCS 503 – a polymeric latex emulsion with excellent water.
  • MCS 504 – a unique composite of non-petroleum and petroleum based road dust control solution.

About us

MMABOKO Chemical Services is a business principally supplying Process Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Dust Suppression Chemicals, equipment and consulting services. It was established and incorporated in 2008. The business is 100% black owned with women making up 75% of the members of the business. We serve also commercial, industrial and institutional companies by providing innovative cost-effective cleaning solutions by supplying chemicals and dilution systems. Our cleaning chemicals includes food safety products such as food contact surface cleaners and sanitizers, floor safety systems and tools, general purpose cleaners, lime scale removers, bactericides/disinfectants, detergents, oven and grill cleaners, general surface degreasers, floor cleaners, food surface disinfectants and Bio-degrader for the Pit Toilets.

Our Core Services

The core services of the business are Design, Manufacturing, Supply and Commissioning of Containerized Water Treatment Plants, and manufacturing and selling of Water Treatment Chemicals for Drinking Water (Coagulants and Flocculants), Cooling Towers, Boilers, Air fluent, Settlers, sources and resell process chemicals, cleaning chemicals, supply equipment and consulting services to various clients and diverse industries.

Our Goals